1. Burnaby, 2005

  3. Why do I do all these terrible things. I wish that I didn’t .


  5. deepgreenresistance:

    Message from comrades in the Phillipines:

    "Just to let you know that the books you sent us (5 copies of DGR) has safely arrive. Thank you very much for sending the books. I will give one copy for Etniko Bandido Infoshop (Pasig, Metro Manila), OnsiteInfoshop (Muntinlupa, Metro Manila) and Non Collective Infoshop (Quezon City,Metro Manila). One copy to Tanay Free School and Permaculture Site we are currently developing and the other one i will look to other comrade/spaces who might need it."

  6. Florida, 2012

  7. Womyn Boiz _ Kurt’s Song

  8. lastrealindians:

    Bless up yourself by providing as much as you can for yourselves.

  10. A place that doesn’t exist.

  11. Instead , I will just sit here and scan negatives. 


  12. I want to live alone in a cave by the sea and die there. 

  13. Young Pasoe

    (Source: escapefromthewreck)

  15. derrick-nathaniel:

    by Dan Higgs

    (Source: quietpepsi)